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Why early childhood visits to your family dentist in the Arden area are important

When their children are young, parents keep a busy schedule, making sure to guard their little one’s health with regular trips to the family doctor. The body is also affected by what goes on in the mouth, however, which makes early childhood visits with your family dentist in the Arden area equally important to overall health.

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As research continues to prove, the mouth is a portal into the body in more than the obvious way. The mouth is where the digestive process begins, and is also where bacteria live. As such, this part of the body has certain needs from the time we are born.

Many parents have a mistaken idea that baby teeth, because they will fall out, can be adequately maintained with brushing at home. Many parents, although they mean well, may indulge their child’s “sweet tooth” or allow oral hygiene to slip, knowing that these teeth are only temporary anyway.

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Baby teeth are important, too!

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are indeed temporary, remaining in the mouth only a few years out of a long life. The amount of time a child lives with baby teeth, however, is ample for the development of infection, cavities, and abscesses. Even gum disease can develop if oral hygiene is lacking. No parent wants their child to suffer the consequences of these often-painful conditions.

There are possible risks aside from pain that can occur if primary teeth are not adequately cared for. When a tooth or teeth are damaged to the point of needing to be removed, we then face the consequences of empty space in the jaw. Primary teeth are meant to hold the place for permanent teeth still in development. Should an empty space be present too long, surrounding teeth begin to shift, and misalignment occurs, affecting chewing, speech, and comfort.

When your child visits Asheville Smile Center, he or she is treated with “kid gloves.” We understand that no parent wants to see their child unhappy or uncomfortable, and provide care that helps children understand dental care can be a pleasant event. We work closely with families to help each person successfully handle the dental concerns he or she may be facing, so that smiles remain healthy and beautiful.

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