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Great oral health in and out of the office of your Asheville family dentist

Family Dentist for oral health near in, Asheville

Oral health is something science is finally really delving into. Continual research into the happenings of the mouth has shown us just how impactful a healthy smile is on the body. Fortunately, your Asheville family dentist has the expertise to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We not only provide our patients with outstanding in-office dental care. We also educate and demonstrate the exact ways in which oral health can be maintained over a lifetime. Most people know that their dentist will advise them to brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis. Although brushing is a task that most people … Continue reading

Your family dentist near Hendersonville can help you handle tooth sensitivity

family dentist-hendersonville Sensitive Teeth in, Asheville.

Tooth sensitivity is so chronic for those who have it, that the thought might be “this is just what I have to live with.” Living with sensitive teeth, however, can be quite distressing, leading to the need to give up favorite foods. Your dentist at Family Dental Health of South Asheville near Hendersonville believes you should be comfortable. Our team works hard to determine what may be the underlying cause of sensitivity, so that our patients can have a better quality of life. Some of the issues we may look at as possible causes for sensitivity include: Worn enamel Cavities … Continue reading

Family dental care from your Arden area dentist meets your needs through every stage of life

Professional dentistry for the entire family in, Asheville

Your family dentist is the person who helps you keep your smile healthy and attractive. When you visit Family Dental Health of South Asheville, your dental team collaborates with you to monitor the health of teeth and gums, and we discuss the most appropriate ways to minimize the effects of oral bacteria, which threaten oral health as well as general health. Although it may seem every dental check-up is the same, your dentist understands that, in each stage of life, there are specific oral health needs that may develop. We love providing family dental care in the Arden area, because it allows us to … Continue reading

Why early childhood visits to your family dentist in the Arden area are important

Family Dentist near me in, Asheville NC

When their children are young, parents keep a busy schedule, making sure to guard their little one’s health with regular trips to the family doctor. The body is also affected by what goes on in the mouth, however, which makes early childhood visits with your family dentist in the Arden area equally important to overall health. As research continues to prove, the mouth is a portal into the body in more than the obvious way. The mouth is where the digestive process begins, and is also where bacteria live. As such, this part of the body has certain needs from the time we are … Continue reading

Tips from your pediatric dentist in Asheville NC

Pediatric Dentist near me in, Asheville, NC

In our family dentistry practice, the main goal for our young patients is to prevent the onset of tooth decay, and teach the type of oral hygiene practices that may lead to the best possible oral health, lasting throughout childhood. We see children as young as age three, but your child is actually picking up essential habits far earlier than this. As soon as your son or daughter begins showing small white buds coming through the gums, oral health becomes a teaching opportunity. Following a few tips from your pediatric dentist in Asheville NC may help you and your child establish healthy practices. Do … Continue reading

Should Arden area children consider braces?

Children Invisalign Braces in, Arden

Many parents in the Arden area may bring their child to the Family Dental Health of South Asheville to learn more about the benefits and need for braces. Braces, also known as orthodontics, are used to address problems such as: Overcrowding Misalignment Poor bite Gaps between teeth Dr. Christopher Port of the Family Dental Health of South Asheville believes many children may benefit from the placement of braces. However, unlike traditional orthodontics, Dr. Christopher Port offers two other methods of treatment known as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. Invisalign orthodontic treatment uses clear aligner trays to reposition the teeth strategically … Continue reading

Which dentists in the Hendersonville area provide children’s dentistry?

Dentist for Children in, Hendersonville

Parents in the Hendersonville area who are seeking a children’s dentistry practice that also serves the adults in the family are welcome to contact Dr. Christopher Port of the Family Dental Health of South Asheville. Dr. Christopher Port and his team of professionals work with patients of all ages from infants to geriatric patients and are committed to helping others achieve and maintain good oral health. This is done by providing preventative, general, and cosmetic dentistry through our state-of-the-art practice. Not every dentist works well with children. Dr. Christopher Port and his team are knowledgeable on how to help the … Continue reading

Quality dentistry practice for children in the Arden area

Children Arden Dentistry, Asheville, NC

Are you interested in a family dentistry practice that offers services for children of all ages? Look no further than the Family Dental Health of South Asheville in the Arden area. Dr. Christopher Port is a quality dentist who is ready to help parents with the dental health of their children. Family Dental Health of South Asheville is a quality dentistry practice for both children and adults in the Arden area. Dr. Christopher Port believes in providing all ages with the dental care and attention they require for a healthy smile. Oral health is important to keep problems such as … Continue reading

Asheville, NC dental practice offers various family dentistry services

Best Child Dentist near in, Asheville, NC

Dr. Christopher Port and the dedicated team of professionals at his Asheville, NC practice are available to help patients of all ages with their dental care. Our dentist offers care for parent and child, and provides family dentistry for new and existing patients in our practice. The Family Dental Health of South Asheville is aimed at helping households achieve and maintain better oral health habits. We do not judge. We understand that some patients have not been to visit the dentist because of dental anxiety. We know that finances can get in the way of getting routine dental health checkups. … Continue reading

Asheville, NC dental practice offers various family dentistry services

Family Dentistry Services in, Asheville, NC

At Family Dental Health of South Asheville, we know there a several reasons your family may need to see the dentist. Our dentists, Drs. Christopher Port and Michael Hernandez, are highly sought after for their gentle and compassionate care. Whether your teenager knocked out a tooth while playing sports or you desire a more beautiful smile, we can meet you and your family’s individual needs. Our family dentistry services in our Asheville, NC office range from tooth loss replacements to cosmetic treatments. Treating a knocked out tooth If your teenager knocks out a tooth it is important to encourage him … Continue reading

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