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FAQs On Six Month Smiles

What is Six Month Smiles?

The Six Month Smiles orthodontic system is designed for the correction of minor misalignment occurring at the front of the mouth. Using proven orthodontic practice, Six Month Smiles has made certain modifications in focus and materials that lead to a shortened time frame for completion of treatment. This cosmetic solution for misalignment suits the busy adult lifestyle.

FAQs On Six Month Smiles

How is it that orthodontic treatment can be accelerated for quick results?

The technology and technique behind Six Month Smiles is very similar to traditional braces. Teeth are moved quickly and safely with these clear braces through consistent pressure on the teeth that show in the smile. Because the back teeth are not moved, the time frame for treatment is only four to nine months, depending on the amount of movement we need to achieve.

Will Six Month Smiles cause damage to any oral structures?

As with traditional orthodontic treatment, there is a very small risk that tooth movements may damage gums, teeth, or root structure. Since there are seldom extractions performed before Six Month Smiles treatment, and the force used to move the few teeth at the front of the mouth is very light, the risk of damage to any oral structures is almost nonexistent.

So after Six Month Smiles, my teeth will be straight forever?

Yes and no. Six Month Smiles is no different than traditional braces in that teeth need to be moved from their current position through gentle force. The reason consistent force is needed to achieve results is that there is a ligament that runs along the jaw beneath the gums that pulls teeth by their roots. It is the pull of the periodontal ligament that causes misalignment in the first place. Once Six Month Smiles treatment has achieved the desired results, they are best maintained by wearing a retainer. A retainer may be removable or may be fixed to the back of teeth for total discretion.

How do I know if Six Month Smiles is right for me?

Call Family Dental Health of South Asheville for a consultation with Dr. Port. During your visit, a dental examination and x-rays can provide us with the details of your dentition. If you have no bite issues that need correcting, and you want your smile to look straight and healthy, Six Month Smiles may be the perfect solution to achieve your goal.

Call Family Dental Health of South Asheville at 828 585 4049.

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