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Orthodontists near Asheville, NC cannot dispute the value of Invisalign

Orthodontists near me at, Asheville, NC

At Asheville Smile Center, we believe that personal service achieves the best results. If you would like a straighter, healthier smile, consult with us about Invisalign. Historically, orthodontic care meant wearing metal brackets and wires on teeth for well over a year. Some patients even had additional components in the form of colorful rubber bands, which would attach to metal brackets to encourage a specific type of movement. For adults who would like to correct misalignment, this image of orthodontic care is unappealing. Adults teens seeking treatment for misalignment today are fortunate to have more options than ever before. At … Continue reading

Obtain great smiles with orthodontics at Asheville, NC area practice

Obtain great smiles with orthodontics,Asheville, NC

At the Asheville Smile Center, patients have access to services to help them achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Christopher Port and his team can even assist patients who are faced with the concept of orthodontics. Misaligned teeth can affect the appearance and functionality of the smile. Poor bite alignment can also lead to issues such as temporomandibular disorder. By addressing these concerns, patients can enjoy a more attractive look and maintain the health of their smiles. Braces are often thought of as unattractive metal brackets and wires. They cover the teeth and patients may feel extremely self-conscious about how they … Continue reading

Asheville Smile Center best search result for “orthodontist close to me Arden NC”

Orthodontist close to me at, Arden, NC

In 2010, 22 percent of all orthodontic patients were adults. If you have been considering orthodontics and are searching for “orthodontist close to me,” Asheville Smile Center, serving the Arden NC area, wants to show you how we can help you gain a gorgeous grin! Dr. Christopher Port always offers the best options to provide his patients with the highest quality of dental care. He remains the only preferred Six Month Smiles provider in the Arden, NC area, having been the first dentist in the area to begin the program. Orthodontic services we offer: Six Month Smiles: This is an orthodontic system designed to … Continue reading

Asheville, NC, dentist explains the benefits and cost of Invisalign

The benefits and cost of Invisalign treatment, Asheville, NC

Many adults who research orthodontic treatment are thinking about making a cosmetic improvement to their smiles. However, there are other benefits as well. Straighter teeth can improve the overall health of the mouth because it makes it easier to clean the teeth and remove food particles that could otherwise become trapped between misaligned teeth. Many adults are hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatment because of the embarrassment of wearing traditional braces as well as the cost and length of treatment. Dr. Christopher Port of Asheville Smile Center offers Asheville, NC, residents an alternative solution to traditional braces with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. While the … Continue reading

Asheville dental practice offers Invisalign treatment to straighten teeth

Invisalign treatment to straighten teeth, Asheville, NC

For residents in Asheville, NC, Dr. Christopher Port of Asheville Smile Center offers a variety of dental services. Patients seeking options to correct their smiles may benefit from clear aligner trays such as Invisalign for the treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth. Patients, adults in particular, often want alternatives to metal brackets. Invisalign is a popular choice. The purpose of aligner trays Made of clear, BPA free plastic, Invisalign trays are custom created for each patient. Impressions of your teeth are used to create your personal trays. The trays fit snugly around your teeth to ensure proper placement, avoid movement, and maintain patient comfort. Gentle pressure within the trays gradually … Continue reading

The benefits of Invisible braces, as explained by an Arden, NC Invisalign Dentist

how comfortable Invisalign trays, Arden, NC

Do you wish you had a straighter smile? For years, many patients opted out of orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth because they didn’t want to spend years in uncomfortable metal braces. Perhaps they’d heard that braces required frequent trips to the dentist and a whole list of foods that they could no longer enjoy. Maybe they were older and didn’t like the way metal braces would impact their appearance. Regardless of the reason, many just let their problems go untreated. All that changes now, thanks to Invisalign. With Invisalign treatment from your Arden, NC dentist, patients have a pathway … Continue reading

Arden, NC dentist helps patients understand Invisalign treatment for a straighter smile

Benefits of invisalign treatment, Arden, NC

Do you wish you had a straighter smile? Men, women, and teenagers in and around the Arden, NC area who are interested in learning about solutions for misaligned teeth are welcome to book an appointment with our team here at the Asheville Smile Center. Dr. Christopher Port is a dentist who offers general, cosmetic, and restorative care to patients ready to transform their smiles. Understanding the options available is important in choosing the right treatment. For patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile, solutions such as Invisalign are often recommended. What is Invisalign? Dr. Christopher Port and his team encourage patients to think about … Continue reading

The Benefits of Invisalign

How effective is Invisalign treatment, Arden, NC

Crooked or teeth that don’t line up correctly affect both your smile and your overall health. When you have crooked teeth, your self-confidence may suffer. Teeth that do not line up correctly can make chewing your food more complex and may eventually put pressure on your TMJ joints. Over time, this can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and damaged or broken teeth. Advanced technology now makes it possible for dentists to effectively straighten your teeth without having to use the bulky appliances they were forced to rely on in the past. Now, if you live in the neighborhood of Arden, … Continue reading

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