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For natural-looking tooth replacement, look no further than Fountain of Youth® Dentures in Arden, NC

Did you know that the right dentures can make your smile look younger, and they can make your entire face and overall appearance more youthful and vibrant? They can do so in several surprising ways, thanks to the advanced techniques known to the doctors at Asheville Smile Center. As much as Dr. Christopher Port emphasize designing smiles that are nice to look at, it’s important that they also design natural-looking dentures in Arden, NC at their modern office.

What are the Natural-looking and comfortable Fountain of Youth dentures in, Arden NC

Natural and beautiful often go together in the dental world, if oral health is sustained; mega-watt white and “too perfect” smiles may be all the rage in Hollywood. Yet, in real life, treatments that result in super-white or monochromatically flawless teeth can look very fake and “age” you, instead of having the desired effect. Conventional dentures tend to look plastic, when not designed well by denturists adept at creating these dental appliances. Moreover, since poorly fabricated dentures don’t fit well, they hasten the aging process in a variety of ways. This is where Fountain of Youth® (FOY® dentures) shine; they prevent the devastating consequences of tooth loss that are not addressed by conventional denture systems. They do so in a way that retains the “natural” – in terms of both form and function.

The Fountain of Youth, Discovered!

The Fountain of Youth, Discovered in, Arden NC

FOY® Dentures are aptly called “neuromuscular” dentures, because patients enjoy a superior feel, fit, and looks due to a unique design process that sets them apart from conventional dentures which “sit” upon natural tissues. These dentures account for underlying structures and tissues, resulting in a fit that feels no different than healthy natural teeth and gums. A seamless fit is also key to getting the stunning and natural look and feel that all patients deserve. Not all patients get to enjoy those benefits, “forgetting” they’re even wearing their dentures due to such a natural fit. Only a fraction of dentists in the United States are trained to make FOY® dentures. When this level of knowledge is combined with Asheville Smile Center’s high level of skill and artistry, you get a powerful antidote to embarrassing, fake-looking “false teeth.”

Some of the ways that FOY® stands apart, and gets results that generate compliments from denture-wearers (rather than complaints), include:

  • FOY® Dentures are made from impressions of your mouth as it moves and as your muscles are in motion. Conventional dentures are made from impressions of your mouth at rest. This difference is important, because basing dentures off dynamic rather than static impressions renders appliances that optimally imitate the natural fit, feel, and function of your teeth.
  • By approaching your dentures through the lens of neuromuscular dentistry, Asheville Smile Center can identify the best height for your new set of teeth. The muscles and facial tissues that depend on your teeth for their support developed around those teeth when they were at their full height. So, it makes sense that dentists who want to approximate natural teeth and gums would “read” the natural height of the teeth on your muscles, as that measurement is left behind. Your dentures are built with this in mind, which means an appropriate height for your new teeth and a far more comfortable fit than traditional dentures that don’t account for these considerations.

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  • FOY® Dentures’ generally promote even pressure across the gums and bony tissues, again for proper fit and comfort. This advantage also helps to prevent the bone loss that happens with conventional dentures. Bone resorption is responsible for an aged, haggard look, because as the bone that supports your tissues retreats, skin and other types of tissue tend to sag and hang.
  • Since their placement is customized to a meticulous understanding of your unique needs and specifications, the dentures are positioned in a way that encourages the ideal muscle function and bite – another way of referring to how your upper and lower teeth touch when your mouth is closed.
  • You’ll want to flaunt FOY® Dentures! They’re built with a keen appreciation of aesthetics and the important function that teeth have in giving structure to the face. So, it is not an overstatement to refer to FOY® as a “Fountain of Youth.” They prevent many of the gradual processes that are associated with conventional dentures, including premature and often extreme folds and wrinkles, as well as the lost facial volume and sunken appearance that arises when teeth in those types of systems move toward the tongue for support.

Since FOY® Dentures are so stable, you avoid all those unwanted cosmetic and quality of life issues! Call 828 585 4049 today, to schedule an appointment at the Arden, NC office of Asheville Smile Center.

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