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Quality dental care for Hendersonville and surrounding area patients in times of need

Our team at Family Dental Health of South Asheville is committed to helping patients enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth and gums. Although dental emergencies tend to occur only rarely, it is important to know how to handle situations in which a tooth has been injured or otherwise damaged. Part of providing quality dental care to our patients from Hendersonville and the surrounding areas is to offer information that can prevent stress during times of need.

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Most of the time, urgent care situations involve unrelenting tooth pain, which can be eased with the use of over the counter pain reducers until treatment can be obtained. Less common is a physical injury that results in the loss of a permanent tooth. These instances can occur in children or adults who engage in sporting activities where contact is possible. To decrease the risk of tooth or jaw injury during sports, a good quality mouth guard is recommended.

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If a tooth has been knocked out, it might be saved, if these steps are taken:

  1. Locate the tooth that has been knocked out.
  2. Take extra precautions in handling the tooth, touching only the part of the tooth you would normally see above the gums. Handling the tooth by the root can cause irreparable damage, and should be avoided.
  3. Clean the tooth by submerging it in water, saliva, or milk. The tooth should not be brushed or wiped at this time. Water, milk, and saliva are the only liquids that should contact the tooth, no disinfectants or mouthwash should be used.
  4. Ideally, the tooth should be replaced in the socket after it is cleaned. This will keep the tooth moist and in its natural setting until you see your dentist. If the tooth cannot be put into the socket, it can be kept between the cheek and the gums. Above all, the tooth must maintain moist to remain viable. If necessary, transport the tooth to our office in a small amount of milk, water, or saliva.

A lost permanent tooth might be saved if treated within an hour. With a commitment to quality dental care, we make every effort to see patients as quickly as possible.

Contact Family Dental Health of South Asheville, we will help preserve your healthiest, most beautiful smile.

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