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Your Asheville dentist can give you Straight Teeth in just six months

How To Get Straight Teeth In Just Six Months, In Arden, NC

In recent years, we have seen many changes in the practice of dentistry. Due to improved materials, advanced technology, and a wealth of scientific research, many people are enjoying healthier and more beautiful smiles than ever before. Enhanced public awareness of oral health and growing fascination with dazzling smiles has led to a renewed interest in adult orthodontics. Thankfully, we no longer have to endure years of wearing metal braces to achieve beautifully straight teeth. Dr. Christopher Port is proud to offer Six Month Smiles innovative orthodontic treatment for residents of Asheville, NC, and surrounding communities. The importance of a … Continue reading

Cosmetic braces for realigning teeth in the Arden area

A Dentist Who Provides Cosmetic Braces For Realigning Teeth Near me, In Arden, NC

Traditional orthodontics have a negative stigma associated with them. Patients who consider them often realize that they will have to deal with unattractive metal brackets and wires over their teeth for months, sometimes years, before they can achieve their dream smile. This is often what turns patients off to the idea of having their smile realigned when malocclusion is a problem. Thanks to continued advances in orthodontics, patients can now enjoy more cosmetic braces for teeth than what was originally offered. Patients in and around the Arden area can speak with Dr. Christopher Port and his team of the Asheville … Continue reading

How cosmetic braces can transform a patient’s smile in Hendersonville

How cosmetic braces can transform a patient's smile, In Arden, NC

Dr. Christopher Port and the team of the Asheville Smile Center believe patients in the Henderson community and surrounding areas should have the ability to choose their orthodontic services based on appearance rather than what society suggests. Instead of going with traditional braces which are unsightly and can take years to provide results, patients with mild to moderate misalignment of their smile may benefit from cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary way for teenagers and adults to achieve a more beautiful smile without having to undergo traditional orthodontic treatments. Dr. Christopher Port of … Continue reading

What cosmetic orthodontics are available for patients near Asheville?

A Dentist Who Provides Cosmetic Orthodontics Near Me In Arden, NC

Dr. Christopher Port of the Asheville Smile Center believes in providing patients with a wide range of solutions for their dental health and wellness, as well as the beauty and function of their smile. When patients are unhappy with the alignment of their teeth and are seeking solutions that are not as unsightly as traditional orthodontics, they may be introduced by the team to Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is one of many cosmetic orthodontics near Asheville. Six Month Smiles is similar to traditional braces in the sense that it utilizes brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. However, … Continue reading

Dentist near Asheville, NC describes the benefits of Six Month Smiles clear braces

What Are The Benefits Of Six Month Clear Braces, In Arden, NC

Patients near Asheville, NC who are interested in rejuvenating their smile and addressing misalignment that may have been bothering them for years are often interested in learning about alternatives to conventional orthodontics. The idea of covering the smile with metal brackets and wires is often a huge turnoff to patients who truly want to rejuvenate the way they look. Instead, they want to learn about clear braces, a less “unsightly” solution. Dr. Christopher Port and the team of the Asheville Smile Center work together with patients to determine if they are appropriate candidates for clear braces such as Six Month … Continue reading

Dentist near Hendersonville, NC reviews an innovative orthodontic treatment that can transform the smile in 6 months

Orthodontic Treatment That Can Improve My Dental Helth Near Me, In Arden, NC

Gone are the days of waiting two to three years to attain the smile of your dreams. That is typically the treatment length of traditional metal braces. However, thanks to advances in dentistry and orthodontics, patients can attain straighter smiles in just 6 months. Another benefit is during treatment it is unlikely anyone will notice the brackets and wires. The name of this innovative orthodontic treatment is Six Month Smiles. It is available to patients in Hendersonville, NC and beyond at Asheville Smile Center. Highly respected dentist Dr. Christopher Port is happy to provide reviews of Six Months Smiles. Highlighting … Continue reading

The value of a winning smile: Why Arden residents love 6 months treatment

Beautifully straight teeth. 6 months Smiles in, Arden NC

In today’s image-conscious society, no one wants and average smile – or average dental care. Dr. Christopher Port is known for providing distinctively exceptional cosmetic and general dental services to residents of Asheville, Arden, and other area communities. He understands the importance of beautifully straight teeth, and offers two excellent, discreet orthodontic options. Invisalign is a great choice for those with bite issues, and those who prefer the convenience of removable appliances. However, if you want your dazzling smile as quickly as possible, you may prefer Six Month Smile treatment. Last year, researchers at Kelton conducted a Smile Study to … Continue reading

Realize your smile goals quickly with 6 Months Smile treatment near Arden

how this orthodontic treatment can improve my smile in six months, Asheville,NC

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is important, but some people wish for more. If you long for a beautiful smile that leaves you feeling confident in yourself, you are not alone. Our smiles take center stage much of the time, telling others about us before we can say a single word. In fact, recent studies even show that the appearance of one’s smile either helps or hinders him or her in both social and professional dealings. Many people, including those who have undergone orthodontic treatment at some point in their lives, find that their teeth could use some repositioning. … Continue reading

Achieving a smile makeover in North Carolina with Six Month Smiles

Six month smile makeover near me in, Asheville,NC

It is common for Dr. Christopher Port in North Carolina to work closely with patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. Many struggle with misalignment but are unsure about undergoing traditional metal bracket and wire braces. When patients are not at ease with the appearance of their smile and are interested in alternative solutions, they may be introduced to treatments such as Six Month Smiles to achieve a brilliant smile makeover. Six Month Smiles is a non-traditional method of address mild misalignment of the front teeth. When the teeth near the front of the mouth are misaligned, … Continue reading

Asheville area dentist can perform the same work as an orthodontist with Six Month Smiles

Orthodontist with six month smiles in, Asheville

Men and women in the Asheville area who are interested in addressing misaligned teeth often believe that the only way to achieve a better smile is by visiting a specialist such as an orthodontist. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! With today’s breakthroughs in cosmetic dentistry, traditional dentists such as Dr. Christopher Port of the Asheville Smile Center can now achieve similar results with a treatment commonly known as Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is an alternative to more traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Dr. Christopher Port and the team of the Asheville Smile Center can … Continue reading

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