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Let quality, safety (not cost) guide you; professional teeth whitening is within reach at Arden, NC dentist

As our tagline says, “You belong here” – at a dental health partner that has an option suited to your budget and personal preferences and needs. We appreciate that, as with all treatments, cost is a concern; however, when selecting your teeth whitening dentist in Arden, NC, it’s important to not let cost be the determining factor. Since we do have a wide array of options to brighten even stubborn discoloration, Asheville Smile Center makes the decision a little easier on you (and your wallet).

ProfessionaTeeth Whitening treatment, Arden, NC

The value of professional teeth whitening

For starters, it is essential to understand that OTC whitening kits, strips, toothpaste, and other “miracle” products can add up. Often, they don’t contain effective ingredients, or they don’t have sufficient hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These products are simply a waste of money. Procedures administered or managed by professional dentists use proven, sufficiently concentrated whitening gels, and they are applied or prescribed in ways that assure safety, comfort, and uniform results, and achieve the level of whitening that you want. Professional dentists like Dr. Christopher Port can adjust the concentration, length of time that the gel is on your teeth, and other factors so, treatment is truly tailored. Likewise, any trays that are used to deliver the whitening gel are fit to your mouth for precise treatment and comfort. Side effects such as discomfort and teeth sensitivity are minimized, while results are optimized.

So, while it may seem that the products you buy at the store are a less expensive option, they most certainly aren’t if they either: a.) don’t work or b.) cause damage to your teeth and surrounding gums that then requires expensive restorative care.

The power of whitening options

At Asheville Smile Center, you can choose from different bleaching methods to identify the single treatment that you’re most comfortable with, and that can include a “hybrid” of methods. There are varied costs associated with each procedure, and Dr. Port is happy to discuss those with you during a consultation at the Arden, NC office.

If you’re looking for instant results (in less than an hour), chairside treatment may be best for you. Dr. Port applies the most highly concentrated bleaching gel that is available at our office to your teeth. Surrounding tissues are protected for precise treatment, and to eliminate the risk of complications such as irritation from the gel.

If you desire more natural results (and time is on your side), at-home whitening may be right for you. Using molds of your mouth, Dr. Port creates trays that are customized to the unique contours of your teeth and gums. He will show you how to “fill” the trays with whitening gel each day. Wear the trays as directed by Dr. Port, and you will get uniform, gradually whiter teeth in days. Since the trays are custom-fitted, they don’t irritate your mouth and damage tissues the way that “universally-sized” trays might.

In addition, Dr. Port stands out from other dentists in the Asheville area, as he also offers a whitening option that is as easy as brushing your teeth. He will instruct on how to apply a gel on your teeth. You will apply the gel after your routine brushing and as directed. As the gel is gradually absorbed, you notice a less yellow, whiter smile.

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The treatment you want is within reach

Think you can’t afford teeth whitening? Think again! At Asheville Smile Center, we offer many payment options. With financing, you can pay for treatment in low monthly installments. Depending on your terms, the outstanding balance can be financed with no interest. We also offer:

  • A 7% discount on balances that are paid upfront
  • Ultimate Dental Savings Club membership, which includes 10% discounts on both elective procedures and dental products – all for a low, predictable annual fee.

Call 828 585 4049 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Port at the Asheville Smile Center’s Arden, NC office.

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