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Cosmetic Dentistry

Feel your best with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Asheville

As a completely natural tendency, we want to feel good about the way we look. Adding to this desire is the propensity for today's society to idealize what it means to be beautiful. We take only seconds to form first-impression opinions of others, as they do with us. To that end, many people are turning to cosmetic dentistry procedures as a way to enhance that feature that is most noticeable during social and professional interaction. To look and feel your best, visit your experienced cosmetic dentist in Asheville.

Through cosmetic dentistry, our patients find relief from imperfections that have long plagued their sense of confidence. Indeed, paying necessary attention to the teeth carries benefits that may not be immediately seen. Studies have shown that, during an interview process, those applicants who were viewed as attractive - put-together from head to toe, with a healthy, vibrant smile, were more often offered the position for which they applied. Even more, "attractive" applicants negotiated better salaries. This information emphasizes the importance of looking your best, which you can do with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Asheville.

We love working with our patients to brighten, straighten, or otherwise enhance their smiles. During an initial consultation, Dr. Port will discuss your overall concerns and goals with you, closely listening to what you have to say. Through careful consideration and a thorough evaluation, the most suitable form of cosmetic treatment can be designed. In any case, regardless of specifics, the aim is to create a smile that looks completely natural.

Our patients can benefit from a single form of treatment, or combined procedures that fully makeover their smile. Straightening teeth, for instance, can be accomplished with Invisalign. Either before or after the straightening process, the patient may also benefit from teeth whitening, which we deliver through various methods. Every patient is different, which highlights the beauty of cosmetic dentistry - that there is an ideal treatment plan for everyone.

The look of our smile impacts our personal and professional lives. When flaws are present, our personal image may suffer. To improve natural tooth structure, take years off of your appearance, and feel your best, work with your cosmetic dentist in Asheville.

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Dr. Chris Port
Best Cosmetic Dentist Asheville - Dr. Port Dr. Christopher Port is a full-time practicing dentist in Asheville, North Carolina. In 2007,Dr. Port founded the Asheville Smile Center, a dental practice dedicated to helping patients achieve a lifetime of dental health and beautiful smiles.
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I have never been at ease going to the dentist! The staff and Dr. Port are wonderful. I cannot praise them enough. I got a new crown. Did not feel the shot at all. I will keep going to this dentist. I recommend them highly.The office atmosphere is very calming from the front office and throughout.
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