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Causes of Gum Disease

Patients discover how to avoid gum disease and where to find treatment near Arden


Gum Disease Treatment Near Arden
N early 50 percent of adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease. The number increases to an estimated 70 percent in patients over 65. Signs of gum disease could be lurking beneath your beautiful smile. For patients near Arden, NC, Dr. Christopher Port and his team at Asheville Smile Center offer gum disease treatment to protect the health of your mouth.

Symptoms and stages of gum disease

The gums are the supportive tissues at the base of our teeth. When they are healthy, the gums are pink. Infected gums may be red, swollen, bleeding, or sensitive. Gum disease starts out small and becomes more destructive as it spreads. Periodontal disease is a common cause of tooth loss in adults.

Periodontal disease does not appear or escalate overnight. The symptoms develop gradually. Gum disease is caused by plaque that continually builds up on the teeth. When plaque is not removed with good oral hygiene practices, bacteria spread into the gums. Left unchecked and unaddressed, this can lead to numerous dental and health issues including the loss of teeth.

There are three stages of gum disease, which range from mild to severe.

  • Gingivitis - As the first stage, patients may notice that their gums are red or sensitive. When brushing, the gums often bleed easily. At this point, gum disease is reversible.
  • Periodontitis - The gums begin to recede and pull away from the teeth. Bacteria can enter the pockets, causing infection.
  • Advanced periodontitis - In the most severe stage of gum disease, the teeth, bones, gums, and connective tissue have been damaged. At this point, teeth become loose and tooth loss is possible.

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How to avoid gum disease

Although periodontal disease has serious consequences, it is preventable. Prevention is the preferred method of treatment. Practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly maintains the health of your teeth and gums. Your dental team at Asheville Smile Center can educate you on proper home oral care to improve your overall wellness. Tips to protect the health of your gums may include:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time. If possible, brush after meals, but morning and night are sufficient.
  • Floss daily to remove food particles that may have accumulated.
  • Use mouthwash or an oral irrigator daily to help remove particles in hard-to-reach areas and along the gumline.
  • Replace your toothbrushor toothbrush head at least every three months. An old toothbrush with damaged bristles does not effectively remove plaque.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice per year for routine cleanings.

Regular dental appointments are a crucial part of avoiding gum disease and keeping your mouth healthy. Unless otherwise directed by your dentist, routine visits are scheduled every six months. This ensures that if new issues arise, the problems can be handled quickly and effectively. If signs of gum disease develop, the condition can be treated before it escalates into a more serious problem.

Treatment options for gum disease

How to avoid gum disease

If you do experience symptoms of gum disease, seek help from your dental professional right away. The earlier periodontal disease is addressed, the better the outlook. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent the spread of the disease. The treatment depends upon the symptoms and stage of your condition. In its earliest stage, gum disease is reversible. The bone and connective tissues are intact and unaffected. It can often be treated with a thorough professional cleaning and improved oral hygiene habits. This removes plaque and prevents the spread of bacteria. In later stages, professional care can help keep the disease from progressing.

For patients with periodontal disease, Dr. Port offers scaling, root planing, and antibiotics. The professional deep cleaning removes the buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. A hygienist cleans the teeth to remove tartar above and below the gumline. Removing the plaque that houses bacteria prevents the toxins from spreading. Irregularities in the tooth are also smoothed out so it is harder for plaque to deposit. When necessary, antibiotics are used to treat the gum infection.

Gum disease is preventable. Protect the health of your smile with help from the professional team at Asheville Smile Center. Whether you need general, cosmetic, or restorative care, contact our Arden, NC office to schedule an appointment. You belong here. Call (828) 585-4049.

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