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Invisalign In our office, we offer our patients many options when it comes to straightening their smiles. Whether it is crooked teeth with a whole lot of space in the mouth, or crowded, misaligned teeth, Dr. Port has a few solutions available to those who want to improve the appearance of their smile.

Either many adults didn’t have braces as children, or they did and failed to wear their retainer as recommended by the orthodontist. The idea of having traditional metal braces on their teeth may seem very unattractive, which is why there is a way for patients to achieve a straighter smile without them. This can be done with Invisalign.

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Invisalign has been around for over ten years, and is a proven and effective system for straightening teeth. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays that the patient slips over their teeth and wears when they are not eating or cleaning their teeth. These trays gently push on the patient's teeth to guide them into their new positions. A typical Invisalign treatment uses a series of anywhere from 18 to 30 trays, which are switched out approximately every two weeks. Typical treatment with Invisalign can take anywhere from twelve to eighteen months from start to completion, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Invisalign can treat what most orthodontics can, including the bite of a patient. When alignments need to be made near the rear of the mouth, Invisalign can do this! This is what makes it such a versatile, highly recommended treatment for both teenagers and adults.

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Rachel Strivelli
The staff at this place are amazing, so friendly and the office is so comfortable. I love how well they take care of me. Tip: get the essential oils during your treatment- very relaxing!
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The process of receiving Invisalign aligner trays is simple. First, patients will consult with Dr. Port regarding their candidacy for such a treatment. Once they have agreed upon a treatment plan, Dr. Port will take digitized impressions of the patient's teeth. These digital impressions are entered into a computer system to provide a 3D image to show both patient and dentist the process by which the aligner trays will straighten the teeth. The lab then creates the aligner trays in accordance with the digital impressions, and sends them to the dentist for the patient to pick up. Instructions are given as to how to use and care for the aligner trays, and the patient makes periodic visits to Dr. Port for check-ups.

Invisalign is a wonderful way to change your smile without having to worry about unsightly metal orthodontics. Call Dr. Port today and find out how Invisalign or other invisible braces options may benefit you in transforming your smile!

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Dr. Chris Port
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