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Your family dentist near Hendersonville can help you handle tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is so chronic for those who have it, that the thought might be “this is just what I have to live with.” Living with sensitive teeth, however, can be quite distressing, leading to the need to give up favorite foods.

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Your dentist at Asheville Smile Center near Hendersonville believes you should be comfortable. Our team works hard to determine what may be the underlying cause of sensitivity, so that our patients can have a better quality of life. Some of the issues we may look at as possible causes for sensitivity include:

  • Worn enamel
  • Cavities
  • Tooth clenching or grinding
  • Exposed roots
  • Poorly-fitted fillings or crowns

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that your dentist can help you overcome. The first step in returning to a more comfortable state is to determine the cause of discomfort. Our teeth have several parts, although we don’t tend to take each into consideration. What we see of teeth is the outer shell of enamel. This substance, the strongest in the body, is porous. In the other areas of the tooth are the root and nerves, along with pulp and dentin. Sensitivity stems from the nerves, which affect all other parts of the tooth.

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Working with the experienced team at Asheville Smile Center, your oral health is expertly tended to. We get to know our patients so that we may address their specific needs with an understanding of their natural tendencies. Some people are more prone to cavity development, outside of oral hygiene or dietary habits. Some people’s lifestyle habits, such as smoking, may dry out the mouth and put them at a greater risk for cavities or other problems that may lead to sensitivity. By getting to know our patients, we are better able to provide the personalized care that improves oral health, and decreases sensitivity.

To guard against oral bacteria, we will discuss proper hygiene practices, perform regular cleanings, and may recommend the application of dental sealant, which protects teeth from bacteria by filling the deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth.

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that your dentist can help you handle. Contact Asheville Smile Center to determine what may be causing your sensitivity.

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