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Tips from your pediatric dentist in Asheville NC

In our family dentistry practice, the main goal for our young patients is to prevent the onset of tooth decay, and teach the type of oral hygiene practices that may lead to the best possible oral health, lasting throughout childhood. We see children as young as age three, but your child is actually picking up essential habits far earlier than this. As soon as your son or daughter begins showing small white buds coming through the gums, oral health becomes a teaching opportunity. Following a few tips from your pediatric dentist in Asheville NC may help you and your child establish healthy practices.

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Do as I Do

Every child goes through a period early in life when he or she wants to do all of the fun things mom and dad do. Grasping onto this desire, parents are wise to use it to their advantage – and for the benefit of their child. In terms of teaching good oral hygiene habits, inviting your child to watch you brush and floss your own teeth daily is one of those little treats with a big impact. In watching you, your child will develop the understanding that teeth and gums are important. To drive home a point, you can also begin telling your child, in language that they will understand, about the benefits of brushing and flossing. Let them see your teeth, watch you brush, maybe even help when they are able. We also encourage our future pediatric patients to visit the dentist in Asheville NC with a parent so that they can become accustomed to our dental practice before it is their turn to sit in the chair.

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The Work of Child’s Play

It has been said that a child’s work is to play. Indeed, through creative play, children develop a host of talents and skills. For the pediatric patient, visits to the dentist in Asheville NC should be calm and fun as much as possible. We keep things light when working with young patients, as we understand that their childhood dental experiences will stay with them throughout their lives, and determine their future oral health. At home, practicing oral hygiene should also be done in as fun a manner as possible. Because teeth should be brushed for a full two minutes, we suggest playing some music so that your child learns the proper timing. Offer a rewards system for excellent oral hygiene, like gold stars and a special date with a friend or parent each week that teeth are well cared for.

The state of teeth and gums are important from the time children begin developing. To learn more tips on oral care or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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